Large Sky Iron Chock Pair
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One PAIR (2) of Sky Iron Chocks

Designed to stack inside of each other for ease of storage and handling

The LARGE standard chock in our range measures approximately 12 inches high by 21 inches wide each.  These chocks are appropriate for most large aircraft and have been specifically designed for wheel (and tire) diameters between 24 and up to 48 inches (referred to as rolling diameter).

To ensure the most secure wheel/chock combination, care should be taken to ensure that the chocks are installed and loaded as shown above (in the photo).

Suggested appropriately sized aircraft are as follows:

Boeing B - 17

Boeing 737

Douglas DC - 3 through DC - 7

Lockheed 1049 Constellation

North American B - 25

Sky Iron Chocks are made standard with the logo picturing five planes in flight highlighted from below in light beams, evocative of the Golden Age of Aircraft.  You may personalize your chocks by adding your N Number, Name, Logo, or even a photograph for a personal touch!

Standard color : Yellow

Custom colors are available please contact to discuss

Each pair of Sky Iron Chocks comes standard with connecting chains and links ensuring that your pair stay together and are secure

Sky Iron Chocks by Aerometal International are made in Aurora, Oregon, U.S.A.

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Large Sky Iron Chock Pair

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