About Us


Oregon based company Aerometal International, LLC offers a unique range of functional vintage aircraft accessories for the vintage aircraft enthusiast.

Sky Iron Chocks by Aerometal are styled after the classic all-metal chocks common during the Golden Era of aviation. Aerometal International has long been associated with the comprehensive restoration, maintenance, and management of large vintage aircraft, particularly the venerable Douglas DC-3 and its derivatives. The launch of the Sky Iron Chocks range was inspired by the discovery of an original set of all-metal chocks found in place under a lonely airframe stored in the high desert of California.

Paul Bazeley, founder and owner of Aerometal, explains that the single pair of vintage chocks generated such interest that several replica sets were made to order for Aerometal’s regular clients. The decision to produce an independent product line naturally followed.

The initial range of Sky Iron Chocks is aimed toward private owners, collectors, museums, and FBO’s with aircraft or operations based at a principal location. The chocks are comprised of sturdy steel construction, and as such are reasonably weighty.

Aerometal is also developing a range of lightweight aluminum chocks for maximum portability.  Check back to see these, or send us an email to be added to our notify list when these are available.

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